The 12 Foundation Stones

A Success Plan For Long-Term Committed Relationships
Presented by: Saundra Dickinson, LPC, LMFT

DVD series on how to have healthy relationships.


Disc #1

“Myths & Realities of Relationships” 

“Let’s Talk About Feelings”

“Romantic Love and the Power Struggle”

“How Each Partner Defends During the Power Struggle”

"Healthy Communications"


Disc #2

“Learning to Work with Anger”
“Emotional Safety in Committed Love Relations”

"Resolving Conflict in Relationships"

"What is Reality"

"Emotional Blackmail"


Disc #3

"Healthy Boundaries"

"Stepping Out of the Victim Box"

"How Kids Act Out Their Parents Problems"

"Partnering Versus Parenting Our Partner"

"The Dangers of Making a Child-Centered Life"


Disc #4

"Making Marriage a WE Proposition"

"Learning About Projection"

"Getting Mom and Dad Out of the China Closet"

"Addictions, If You Really Love Me, You'd Stop That"

"Your Partner is As Emotionally Healthy As You Can Tolerate"


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