"Parenting That Works"
...A New Understanding To An Old Process


Presented by: Saundra Dickinson, LPC, LMFT


                    Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
Certified EMDR Therapist



you are a parent
you are a daycare worker
you teach kids in school, church, or in your home
you are a single parent
you are in a step-family that won't blend
you want to stop dumping your own "unfinished stuff" onto your family
you are ready to learn how to have healthy relationships



"Parenting That Works" is a basic, concise overview of the emotional components that influence all close relationships, especially parenting. These are the most hidden and unfamiliar energies in a relationship, yet they are the most powerful and can cause the most damage to all of us. We are learning through research and recent studies that kids who are getting their basic dependency needs met are able to cope more functionally with life. What are dependency needs for kids? Part of the definition of a child is that all human babies and children are dependent upon human adults to help them survive. Children are often criticized for their neediness, yet that is one of the main characteristics that defines a child. In fact, human babies and children are dependent on their caregivers far longer than most other living creatures on this planet.

Parents are realizing this and instead of fighting this natural phenomenon, they are learning to work with their children by helping them develop through these stages so that they can grow into healthy humans. When parents do not understand what is happening emotionally to their children as they try to grow up and become independent people, they are often angry and impatient with this process. Parents may even criticize and belittle the very developmental growth that is necessary for their child to experience in order to emerge as a whole, healthy, responsible human who is motivated and excited to learn about life.

"Parenting That Works" focuses on the specific emotional developmental stages of children from ages 0-19 years. You will learn each stage, what is needed by the child, how to provide it, and the healthy outcomes that can result. You will also learn how your own development (or lack of) affects your life and your relationships. This class is one 5-hour session, costs $60.00 per person, and provides 4.5 state-approved CEU's. Saundra's new book, Love That Works: The 12 Foundation Stones is based on IMAGO Theory and endorsed by Harville Hendrix.

                      "Parenting That Works"


Workshop is 9:30am-2:00pm Saturday
Snack Lunch and Notebooks provided at no additional charge.


Location TBD
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
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