Understanding Yourself & "Keeping the Love You Find"

A Two-day Workshop for Individuals to step into self-discovery and learn how to create and keep a healthy, happy primary love relationship using IMAGO Therapy.

Presented by: Saundra Dickinson, LPC, LMFT


                    Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
Certified EMDR Therapist

This workshop is appropriate for you...


If you are tired of making the same mistakes again and again...


If you want to learn how to create and sustain a committed love relationship...


If you are beginning a relationship you want to keep...


If you want to meet others with similar concerns and values and a deep interest in creating a "conscious relationship".


Workshop Description:


The workshop includes lectures, guided imagery, written exercises and small group process. A systematic workbook is provided for your use during and after the workshop. While you will be invited to participate and to build a supportive group atmosphere you will not be pressured into unwelcome self disclosure. Confidentiality is maintained in a safe and comfortable environment. 

The 16-hour workshop was designed by Harville Hendrix, Ph. D., author of the best selling books, "Getting the Love You Want, A Guide for Couples" and "Keeping the Love You Find, A Guide for Singles


What you can expect from participating in this workshop:


To identify the wounds from childhood that you bring to a relationship for healing.


To discover the connection between your childhood wounds and your frustrations in intimate relationships.


To determine how you sabotage your relationships and how you can convert conflict to growth.


To devise ways to move from initial attraction and uncertainty in a relationship to intimacy and trust.


To learn what you have to change in yourself to keep the love you find.


To develop more effective relationship skills.


Comments from participants:


“Would love to see this workshop required (like a driver’s license).  Then check our divorce rate!”

AA, Austin, TX


“If you ever want a long-term healthy love relationship, you must take the time to do this workshop!”

SKA, San Antonio, TX


“I have attended several relationship workshops and none of them have even approached the significance I found in this one.  I thank Saundra for sharing so much of her own experience with us.  It made us all feel on a more level playing field about relationships.  She is able to help you take in and digest a lot of needed information, yet actually enjoy the experience and even have some fun with it.”

PT, Houston, TX


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"This workshop gave me a road map into myself, revealing how I destruct relationships and a growth plan to heal these behaviors." A Houston workshop participant


"...the most valuable weekend of my life." A Vice-President of a company in California 


"...an answer to heal relationships in the '90's." Therapist from Toronto, Canada.

Saundra's new book, Love That Works: The 12 Foundation Stones is based on IMAGO Theory and endorsed by Harville Hendrix.

Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
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