Coming to Alternatives is an opportunity to understand & learn new ways to view & resolve relationship difficulties, old as well as new or ongoing problems.  Problems are viewed as opportunities to learn & grow into the adult we were meant to be, so we can give and receive the love we have always wanted.  It is our belief that families need an education around being healthy in their relationships, much like we all need help and some education about learning how to drive or how to perform our tasks in the workplace. It’s not only families that need education and information, it’s all of us in this society. We just haven’t had the opportunity or the luxury to use the time and energy it takes to have healthy relationships, therefore, we have done the best we could with what we knew from our own raising and families of origin. The field of Psychology has spent many years trying to figure a better way, and we are slowly arriving at meeting the goal of healthy families. So much has been written in the past 12-15 years on this subject, that it is overwhelming. We are learning what works and what doesn’t. There are a few consistencies that are standing the tests of time, and they help guide us along on this journey to healthy relationships.


Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
Chemical Dependency

Saundra's Workshops:


"Getting The Love You Want" Couples Workshop"


A focused 20-hour Workshop for married

and unmarried couples to discover the joy

and spiritual potential of being together

while using their relationship for personal

change and growth using Imago Therapy.


Upcoming Couples workshops:
$700.00 per couple


Understanding Yourself & "Keeping the Love You Find"  Individuals Workshop


A Two-day Workshop for Individuals to

step into self-discovery and learn how to

create and keep a healthy, happy primary

love relationship using IMAGO Therapy.


Upcoming Individuals Workshops
$300.00 per person


"Parenting That Works" A New Understanding To An Old Process - Parenting Workshop

Concise overview of the emotional

components that influence all close

relationships, especially parenting. These

are the most hidden and unfamiliar

energies in a relationship, yet they are

the most powerful and can cause the

most damage to all of us.


Upcoming Parenting workshops
$90.00 per person
4.5 CEU's

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