1. Do you also work with couples, individuals, and families in your office or do you only present workshops?

Yes, I do work with coupes, individuals, and families in my office. Just call my main number at 281-358-3299 and my assistant will return your call to answer questions about setting an appointment.

2. What are your fees for services?

My fee for each hour (50-minute session) is $145 whether for an individual, couple, or family. Each one and one-half hour (80-minute session) is $215 and each two hour (110-minute session) is $290. I also have two LADIES GROUP sessions and one MEN’S GROUP. They are two hour sessions at $90 per person. Group sessions for COUPLES are two hours for $110 per couple. I accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express in my private practice and the workshops, as well as checks and cash.

3. Do you file insurance for clients? Are you in insurance programs that have specific providers for members to use?

No, I have not filed insurance for clients since the year 2000. At that time, I also resigned as a “preferred provider” for all insurance panels that I had been on for the past many years. I am now considered an “Out of Network” provided. Please read the answer in question #4 for more information on “Out of Network” providers.

4. What can I expect in the way of my insurance coverage and reimbursement for your services if I file my own receipts?

The easiest way to get that answer is to call the 800 phone number for “Benefits” or “Customer Service” on your insurance card and ask for your “Mental Health Benefits.” Also ask if you are required to go to their providers or do you have “Out of Network Benefits?” If you do have “Mental Health” coverage (which is usually the case in most insurance benefit plans) and “Out of Network Benefits” (which varies with each insurance company and depends on the particular plan you or your company has chosen), you should receive some reimbursement for my services. My licenses are valid and issued by the State of Texas Boards for Professional Counselors and for Marriage and Family Therapists, and my receipt contains all the pertinent information you need from me to file your claims.

5. Where exactly are you located in Kingwood, TX?


From Highway 59/494:

-Turn onto Northpark Dr. going East (into Kingwood)

-Turn right at the light of Russell Palmer Rd.

-Follow Russell Palmer Rd. all the way to turn right

-1525 Lakeville Dr. Suite 121 Kingwood, TX. 77339 building is on the right


From Woodland Hills Dr:

-Turn onto Northpark Dr. going West (leaving Kingwood)

-Turn Left at the light of Russell Palmer Rd.

-Follow Russell Palmer Rd. all the way to turn right

-1525 Lakeviille Dr. Suite 121 Kingwood, TX. 77339 building is on the right


1525 Lakeville is the 5th brick office building on the right after curving into Lakeville Drive.  We are located inside "The Anchor" building.


Please note there is a building security feature:

When you enter the building at the main central door, you walk directly to the front desk & tell the person there that you are going to Suite 121.  That person will call me, & I will walk to the front desk to meet you & walk with you to my room (which is very close to the front desk).

6. What is the benefit of attending the workshops, and how do I know which workshop to attend?

All three of the workshops that I do throughout the year are the most time efficient, cost effective ways for couples, individuals, and parents to learn the essentials for having healthy, long-term love relationships. The only workshop of the three that restricts who can attend is the couples’ “GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT” weekend workshop. That workshop is created by Harville Hendrix, PhD and requires a Certified IMAGO Workshop Presenter to teach and requires the couple to attend. The “KEEPING THE LOVE YOU FIND” workshop for individuals is also Hendrix’s workshop based on his book by that name. It requires a Certified IMAGO Workshop Presenter to teach and anyone can attend that workshop. “PARENTING THAT WORKS” workshop is also based on IMAGO Relationship Theory, which was created by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD. This workshop can be attended by parents, single parents, grandparents, blended-parent families, expectant parents, day-care workers, court ordered parents, and anyone who has the health and safety of a child within their care.

All people hoping to have a long-term, committed love relationship
need the information in these workshops, and there is no less
expensive, quicker or better way to get this information out to
people. There is a very high level of satisfaction reported by all the
participants of these workshops. Please take a few minutes to read
about each one and the comments from the participants. Perhaps,
this opportunity is just what you have been seeking.

7. How do I sign up for the workshops?

You may email me from this website from the “Contact Us” page or call my main number at 281-358-3299. I begin taking deposits to reserve your place about TWO MONTHS prior to the workshops. I accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express for all the workshops and my private practice, as well as checks or cash.

Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
Chemical Dependency

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