What is IMAGO Relationship Therapy?


IMAGO Relationship Therapy is a unique approach to understanding how committed love relationships work and how to successfully conquer self-defeating patterns in this arena. Developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD., author of Getting the Love You Want, A Guide for Couples, Keeping the Love You Find, A Guide for Individuals, and Giving the Love That Heals, A Guide for Parents, IMAGO Therapy integrates and extends our understanding of the causes of conflicts in relationships and offers alternative ideas, skills, and approaches for resolving them.


IMAGO Theory is guided by the belief that the primary sources of conflict in committed love relationships are the unseen, unresolved childhood wounds brought to the partnership by each individual. It is proposed that committed love has a hidden, unconscious purpose to heal these childhood wounds. The goal of IMAGO Relationship Therapy is to align our conscious mind (which prefers happiness & good feelings) with the agenda of the unconscious mind (which calls for our healing & growth). Conflict is viewed as not only inevitable but necessary to begin the journey into the healing process, for imbedded in a couple’s frustrations lie the information necessary for healing and growth. This transition cannot take place through insight alone. Specific skills and processes are necessary that need to be practiced daily to shift us from having an unconscious relationship to a conscious one. Thus, the ultimate goal of IMAGO Therapy is to assist partners to develop a conscious, intimate, committed relationship that provides each with the connectedness and love they have always wanted.


Our first order of the day in attempting to be healthy parents is to have our relationship with our partner in a healing, growth state. It is only in this state that we can bond firmly enough with our partner to establish the connectedness necessary for healthy families. Families struggle because as parents we have tried to raise our children with our own serious deficits in this area of understanding committed love relationships. Terry Kellogg says it clearly: “Trying to give parenting before we got it is like writing checks on an empty bank account.” Hendrix agrees with this belief and states: “The only clear indicator of how we parent is how we were parented.”


IMAGO Therapy can give us a new beginning. Our work and commitment to this process can give us functioning families that will successfully withstand the conflicts that are sure to come.


IMAGO Relationship Therapy is for those who:


Recognize there is room to improve their relationships in order to strengthen their family;


Want to secure a healthy relation-ship;


Are just beginning a relationship;


Are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve long-lasting conflicts;


Are in serious distress and are willing to see if the relationship can work.


IMAGO Relationship Therapy helps:


Develop a structure for the safe expression of feelings;


Identify pathways for partners to heal old wounds and grow;


Develop new communication skills that break destructive cycles of relating;


Establish a deeper level of trust by increasing emotional safety;


Re-establish the excitement and connection of partners’ early time together;


Transform a relationship into a lasting source of love and trust;


Heal partners and families.


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