Fee Schedule - Standard rate

50 minute session……………..............….$145. 00
80 minute session.……………...............…..$215.00

120 minute Ladies & Men's Groups.................$90

120 minute Couples Groups.........$110 per couple


Payment Policy


Payment is due in full at time of services.
Client is responsible for completing and filing insurance claims and collecting any reimbursement.
Client remains responsible for payment in full should treatment recommendations exceed third-party coverage.




Appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance are charged at full rate. Please be aware that there is normally a waiting list of people who are trying to get an appointment. It is especially thoughtful when you give the 24-hour notice, since that allows for someone else to have a space.

(281) 358-3299 is available 24 hrs/7 days.




Clients are assumed to be self-reliant and self-responsible (e.g., autonomous, functioning, not in need of day-to-day supervision).
Private practice clinicians cannot assume responsibility for client’s day-to-day functioning as can institutions (e.g., agencies, inpatient hospitals, residential treatment centers, etc.). Due to this fact, any time any client is perceived as a possible threat to self or others, all therapists in this facility will weigh the gravity of the situation and make the appropriate interventions as necessary.
Therapists’ after-hours time is spent primarily in service of their own self-care, continued education, training, and self-edification.

Client must discuss any expectations of after-hours care with the therapist upon intake, so that if necessary, appropriate referral can be made.


Court Appearance...........$250/hour with a four hour minimum ($1000 minimum appearance fee), even without testimony or appearing before the judge.  If the court date is rescheduled inside the 24-hour window, the $1000 minimum is still due.


General Procedures:


Nanette returns all telephone calls as soon as possible. She also schedules all of Saundra’s appointments. Please only use (281) 358-3299 when calling Nanette or Saundra. This is a Voice Mail number that pages Nanette each time a call comes in.

Please do not return a call to a number that may have come up on your ‘Caller ID’ from either Nanette or Saundra.

If you do not have a set appointment each week, or if you need to reschedule, or if you are a new client and are trying to make an appointment, Nanette will be calling to set a time for you as soon as possible. Please respond by denying or confirming any times she offers within 24 hours. Because there are usually other people waiting, we only hold  openings for 24 hours unless you have responded and asked us to hold a time open longer. It is our desire to accommodate your schedule if at all  possible within the limits of our own.
Workshop schedules, descriptions, and fees are posted on this web site. You may also contact us through email
If you would like to request that any of  our brochures be mailed to you, you may do so at our websites or simply call (281) 358-3299.


Other phone numbers of value:


CRISIS HOT LINE: (713) 228-1505 for a crisis or info on all 12-STEP Groups in Houston.

Judge Olsen (713) 741-6020 for “Order of Protective Custody” and Troy Billings at (713) 741-6012 for Involuntary Commitment


ALTERNATIVES has a large variety of books, audio cassettes, and tapes which are available to all clients who would like to use them. They are checked out to each client for two weeks. If anyone would like an extended time to have an item, please make that request to the therapist. There are some items that require a deposit because of their replacement cost if not returned. We are always pleased to accept any books, tapes, or videos from clients who would like to contribute to our library. Those items will be shared with anyone who might want to borrow them.

Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
Chemical Dependency

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